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Man-oh-man indeed!

in my sickbed (if you wanna know, a little bladder infection has turned into a nasty kidney infection, that's probably TMI, but anyway,) i've been watching animorphs the tv series all day! wow. what a show.  I need to do fanart, because middle school is being relived right before me.  the mystery remains though, how could this have passed me by in the ninetees?

oh i remember.  i was ashamed of my passions back then, and read animorphs in secret like a sinner.  jeez.  Harry Potter, too.  Till i found out everyone else is too! HA!

and that's when i learned to be free. The End.
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  • Reading: The Bakers
  • Watching: oh-hoh! you know! ;)
  • Drinking: Water Water Water, oh god, water

go here for sketches, or for things that you already have seen here, or sassy quips cuz you know i got a lot of 'em!
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Ooohhh my elbow hurts!! I've been teaching myself to crochet.  Something my elders tried but failed to teach me because i'm left handed and partially retarded.  my ultimate goal is to make these:…

ho ho hoh. so cute!! XD
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Hey alright this thing comes with  a journal. . . (i knew that) i just realized that i've been living a lie. My thing says i'm a comic artist yet i haven't done any comic art in a good long time. . . despite the fact i have a degree in teh stuff.  i have to jump on that. . .
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  • Reading: The World According to Garp
  • Eating: Xmas leftovers